What is a “Mostly Vegan” anyway?

Very simply the clue is in the name… MOST of the time a MoVegan eats a plant based diet with a few carefully controlled exceptions and hopefully not too many impulsive ones.

But what counts as mostly?

Short answer: MoVegan = 85-99% of the time eats a vegan plant based diet.

Long answer – below is a paragraph or two that also appears on the WHEN MoVegan page on how to work it out a bit more accurately and how to set yourself some targets if that is helpful.


HOW TO CALCULATE HOW MoVegan YOU ARE in 6 easy steps

So how you gonna work out your percentage and are you going to commit to decreasing your carnism over time? Are you gonna creep from a one day vegan schedule to a two day to a three day, to a once a fortnight kind of awesome human being? 

The most accurate way of calculating what percent vegan you are is to work out how many calories you get from animal products compared to plant based food. But that’s probably gonna take too long – but see this article for more on this. So maybe just think about this easy way of doing it: the number of non-vegan meals you have a week, divided by 21 times the proportion of meat in each of those meals as a percentage subtracted from 100.Here’s the step by step way to work it out – with examples:

1) Count the number of meals in which you have non-vegan food a week? say 3 for an evening only & weekend MoVegan combination.

2) Divide this by the number of meals you eat a week? say 21 if you eat 3 meals a day for 7 days a week

3) Divide the first number by the second and times by 100 – this gives the percentage meals that are meaty. In our example this is 3 divided by 21 x 100 = about 14% – not bad!

4) Work out roughly how much of your meaty meal is meat? say 33% if you eat a lot of veg and carbs with your meal, say 50% if its a kebab or fry up with bacon sausage and eggs. Maybe add a few percent if you still drink milk. Maybe add a lot if you drink a lot of milk or use whey protein a lot.

5) Make this into a decimal fraction where 33% = 0.33 and 50%=0.5 and 100%=1 etc. Here’s another worked example for you:6) FINALLY multiply the figure in step 3 by the fraction in step 5 and subtract the result from 100. So taking 50% as our animal product proportion of our non-vegan meals and 14% as our weekly non-vegan meals we get 14×0.5 to give the TOTAL figure of 100-7 = 93% vegan. Which in my books is a pretty good MoVegan ratio. Of course 99.9999% is the ultimate goal and if you are on 100% then why are you here? Just kidding, there are loads of good tips on here for struggling newby 100% vegans.

BUT DO BEAR IN MIND that most people will be at least 50% vegan unless they are absolute meat fiends. So a score of 60% isn’t that high.

What counts as mostly vegan? I would say that at least half your meals need to be vegan and even those meals on average need to have 30% or less meat in them. So that’s 100-(10/21*0.3) = 85% or more. Or alternatively only 6 meals a week non-vegan and 50% ratio of animal vs plant in them – roughly 85% again.

Here’s some fun guideline ranges for you (totally made up so don’t take them too seriously):

0-25% – barely omnivorous – why do you hate yourself, your planet and animals so much – seriously y’all got issues!

60% – not vegan at all really – can do much better.

60-70% slightly vegan (but only if some of your meals that aren’t breakfast are vegan)

70-85% quite vegan (you don’t eat many animal products, but still room for improvement)

85-98% mostly vegan (well done, you only use animals for a small amount of calories a week)

98-99% practically vegan (this is great, can you feel the quickening! RAAAaaaaa!)

99-99.999% only accidentally not totally vegan (you are only non vegan because your stupid boyfriend makes you go to YoSushi on his birthday every year and waves sashimi in front of you until you crack – he probably does it in revenge for making him watch Earthlings and Dominion and ruining everything….ehem… as just a random “totally fictitious” example!)

or version 2– 99-99.999% only accidentally not totally vegan because – why the hell do you need animal products to make!!! 1) some beers, 2) some white sugar, 3) broccoli…just kidding

100% Super Vegan – yeah yeah yeah show offs – one day this will be us. Or maybe not. But as devout MoVegans we vow to get as close as we can and in the meantime we are actively improving our lives and those around us AND saving the planet, just by making small informed choices every day – cool aye!

In another blog I look into a recent article from the LANCET medical journal that seems to be saying we should have only 12% of our calories coming from animal based products. So that’s recommending 88% MoVegan with a scientific rational basis. I prefer to use an easier number of 85%, but there is nothing wrong with aiming higher.

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