Sausages and vegan alternatives

Sausages are probably one of the food items where there is the most choice for vegan alternatives. However I still think there is nothing that completely replicates a good old pork banger, so you will probably have to accept a compromise on taste. But that’s because a vegan sausage is a healthier option and not full of all the bad stuff that makes pork sausages taste so good. So the compromise is worth it and this is something that becomes less and less of an issue as you get used to alternative tastes and textures in your food. In a way, after a while, you just stop expecting  that rich tangy greasy sausagey taste and you start appreciating what the alternative has to offer in off itself.

My Top Tip here is to get down to the vegan section of your local shop and look for yourself and experiment – and accept that it may take a few misses before you find the one that is a hit for you. Taste is very individual, but for what its worth here are my top 3 favourites, but just do a basic internet search and you’ll find plenty other people’s opinions – like this:

ToFurky Italian Sausage – this one has a lot of flavour and I love it in tomatoe sauces with pasta dish meals. Made predominantly of Tofu this sausage also packs 30% protein and has a lovely texture to boot.

Iceland No Porkies Sausage – apart form loving the name and how it links to their “No Bull” burgers – these are quite small and dense, but also very tasty. I would recommend these as a chipolata replacement. Great for fry ups or sausy sandwiches.

Linda McCartney’s Vegetarian Sausage – this one just seems to fry up really nicely and get a good crunch on the outside. Great with beans, mustard and ketchup as the taste isn’t that strong and they can be a bit dry if you are sparing on the oil, but lovely with most meals.

Bonus – Linda McCartney’s Vegetarian Sausage Rolls – these are my favourites if I am in need of some pastry. Lovely with a tray of chips and beans for an unhealthy treat once a month or for those severe hang over days to replace the bacon too.

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