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For some of us it will seem quite difficult to even imagine not eating meat, let alone giving it up cold turkey (pun intended). Yet at the same time you have probably been convinced by the scientific and rational arguments suggesting it is an important thing to do and so you want to show your support for veganism and are generally a “vegan ally”! We are here to make the journey to becoming mostly vegan (ie: 85% vegan) more bearable, and perhaps, dare we say it, even enjoyable. And always remember….


as your taste buds adapt and your expectations of food slowly change – so stick with it

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Turning vegan-ish can also be quite a serious thing, with lots of anger and politics surrounding it, but here at MoVegan central we prefer a lighter and more hummus-erous touch (pun intended – just assume this from now on). Because the assumption here is that, if you are reading this, you are already curious about veganism and trying to work out how to make it work for you without it being too painful. So what you will find here are some helpful tips and different ways of helping the planet, benefiting your health and contributing to reducing animal cruelty. Win win win no-brainer innit!

What ever "normal" means!!!

So going totally VEGAN may seem a daunting prospect, especially if like me, you have been flirting with the dark-side most of your life. So give yourself a break and start off by perhaps becoming ‘slightly vegan’ first, and then going ‘quite vegan’ and then finally become a heroic ‘MoVegan’. Congratulations you are now within grasp of the ultimate summit of going, dun dun dah  ‘pure vegan‘. But it doesn’t end there- you can be a level 1 vegan and just not eat meat, seafood, eggs and dairy. Or you can be level 7 vegan and not eat honey, wear leather or fur, not ride horses or keep non-vegan pets, or even really think about animals without their consent. But HOLD ON!! – lets just start by talking about the first steps to reducing your animal product consumption.

FIRST STEPS – for me the MOST IMPORTANT TIP I can give you is to make sure your approach is a sustainable one that suits you, because any reduction in your consumption of animal products is a good direction to go in for you, your family and all your friends and the planet you call home and everything in it – so basically everyone and everything you care about! This is because not everyone can totally give up edible animal products (EAPs) straight away. My own personal journey has been to slowly reduce my EAP consumption over about 2 years from being a carnist a few days a week (89% MoVegan) to maybe twice a month (98% MoVegan) – and even then its mostly when I am travelling and there is no good vegan option (see HOW MoVegan and the WHEN MoVegan pages for more on this).

MY STORY is that my girlfriend turned vegan after reading some harrowing books on animal welfare and watching some films about it. She talked to me about it… A LOT. I used to be vegetarian in my 20s for about 4 years, so I wasn’t unsympathetic. But I really loved my meat and animal welfare wasn’t really a top concern of mine. Then she made me watch Forks Over Knives and I realised how bad it was for my health. At the same time the UN started recommending against eating processed and red meats. So I cut down on red meat and bacon a bit.

Then she FORCED me to watch Cowspiracy and stuff started coming out about the environmental impact of eating meat. So I started only eating meat about 3 times a week. Cause you know, just keeping my favourites and making it a treat, worked for me. I lost weight, I felt healthier, I loved it, but I still wanted a little meaty treat every now and again and that was worth the health and environment negatives to me. Then she HELD ME DOWN AND TAPED MY EYES OPEN and made me watch Dominion, which was one of the worst 2 hours of my life – so horrific – but the last 10 minutes completely made sense and it has now reduced me to being a travel 97% MoVegan – meaning I only eat meat out of the house and when there is no good vegan alternative – or its a special eating out occasion – YoSushi is my Achilles-heel here and is a treat about 3 times a year.

So the moral of the story is to not watch vegan propaganda with your girlfriend – only joking – these things opened my eyes and I am now much better of mentally and physically. So I guess I am grateful to her…. ish! 😉 Without her I feel I would be willfully ignorant and complicit in the needless destruction of myself, my world and billions of sentient beings every year.

So depending on what resonates with you or doesn’t in the above, will depend on why you are here and what the best way forward is. I hope you find the website useful and let me know any constructive suggestions for improving it.

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Enjoy your journey towards becoming mostly vegan… I have, I believe you can too


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