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First of all watch this for inspiration. And this. And this. Still need help? Read on and look for the question that applies to YOU:

Going too fast? – perhaps you are cutting out too many things you like too fast – so maybe take a step back for a month, put a few things back in your diet that you like and then read the WHY MoVegn page and follow some of the links – once you are fortified again have a look at the WHAT MoVegan page and do some research on finding good substitutes that you are happy with. Maybe look at the WHEN MoVegan page and think of a better plan or method that suits you better.

Remember rule number 1 – that is does get easier so work out a way to ease yourself into it more slowly. Good luck.

Can’t find anything nice to eat? – maybe you are struggling to find good meat substitutes for certain things? Have another read of the WHAT MoVegan page which gives you some ideas. Maybe do an online search for different versions of the vegan burger you have got fed up with. Try shopping at a different supermarket with some different vegan options. Not all meat substitutes are the same and a Linda McCartney’s burger is very different to a No-Bull burger from Iceland. It does take some trial and error, so stick with it and try and be positive and creative in your solution finding, because it does get easier as your taste buds change over time. Also think about going online and joining some vegan groups and asking for advice on alternatives.

I don’t feel supported – yeah, it can be a tough lonely place emulating a vegan diet, especially if you are isolated as a vegan in your family and friends group – watch this. Try and reach out to online vegan groups for support. There are loads on facebook where you can get instant support, if you just explain the issues you are having – here’s our one made especially for MoVegans. Most people in there will have felt the same at one point or another. Watch the short films linked above and here, remember your reasons for starting this journey in the first place and remember you are part of huge growing movement that is clearly logical, if not easy. Its much easier being a MoVegans than it used to be.

I am worried about nutrition – this is a genuine concern. But it is easily resolved by eating a varied diet and supplementing B12 if needed, although you can get this from fortified products like soya milk and vegan margarine with added B12 in them. I am not a nutritionist, so please check out the wealth of information out there and remember loads of people have much more restricted diets than MoVegans and do OK. Oh yeah, watch this too and read this and read this.

Not any of these – reach out and talk to other vegans and mostly-vegans online and in chat forums and on facebook groups (just search ‘vegan’) or even my own ‘Mostly Vegan’ facebook group. You will instantly get some support on what ever troubles you are experiencing. Let me know if I should add to this page.

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