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So here it is. The first article on the new Mostly Vegan website. A resource aimed at helping people vastly reduce their animal product consumption. See also the  associated Facebook group and our YouTube channel.

The content is all based on my own journey of going from 60% MoVegan to about 95% over the course of about 2 years since 2017 – you can click here to see where these PERCENTAGE MoVegan number come from. Why not put your own percentages in the comments below and let me know how you are progressing over the year.

My journey was really inspired by someone who cares for me very much and wanted what was best for me – my beautiful girlfriend (centre of pic above lols). She became fully vegan quite quickly after doing some research on it. Her reasons were mainly animal welfare and resulted from reading and watching videos – some of which are listed on the WHY MoVegan page. She slowly badgered me into watching some of the same videos and I eventually, after some research to check their facts, found the logic and science inescapable. However I did not have the will power to give up meat cold turkey. So I agreed to start eating some vegan meals with her and I have slowly been reducing my consumption of edible animal product (EAPs) since then as I figure out ways that help me not eat meat. My story is written in more detail on the Intro page.

So my real hope with this website and linked social media is to help people who are just setting out on the same journey as I am by passing on some of the tips and tricks and links to resources that helped me on my journey. Hopefully doing something to save the planet and people and the animals along the way. It would be lovely to hear from you if this has helped, so please let me know in the comment and any other constructive feedback on the website. Thanks and good luck MoVegan!

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