HOW MoVegan?

HOW does one become a ‘Mostly Vegan’?

(aka. a MoVegan)

RULE NUMBER 1  – it does get easier over time. So stick with it.

Why do I keep saying that? It’s because I believe that your taste buds change over time and you psychologically get used to eating progressively less rich and fatty foods. It is like an addiction (or strong expectation) that you need to wean yourself of from, or a bad habit that you need to reprogramme yourself from.

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For example, I used to crave meat a lot when I first turned MoVegan in 2017 and would treat myself to a filthy kebab every Saturday evening. I now crave it rarely and in fact find some things I used to eat repulsive to even look at, let alone stuff in my face and push through my body. Milk is a prime example, I really find tea made with milk (even skimmed milk) very fatty and oily now. Another good example is that I almost prefer a good vegan burger to a beef one, cause beef ones are just too greasy now. I have just got slowly more accustomed to wanting less rich foods – and that is a good thing.

So the MAIN trick I think, is to ease your way into it so that at each stage you don’t feel like its much of a sacrifice at all. Just a slightly better eating habit than last month, and the month before that, and the month before that…and so on. It’s what worked for me.

But everyone is different, so for some of you this will mean starting by giving up dairy products as you are not really into them anyway. For others of you it will be leaving out red meat. For others it will being able to find good substitutes for chicken so that you don’t miss it anymore. For others, giving up cheese will be torture. Maybe you just love your beef burger. Maybe you use a lot of whey protein powder for body building? That’s OK, but maybe try mixing it or alternating it with a mixed vegan powder.

Mostly Vegan TOP 5 TIPS: 


1) Being MoVegan means you can KEEP YOUR FAVOURITE THINGS – but just try to reduce them or keep them for rare treats when you can really savour and appreciate them.

2) Look for easy things to swap in to replace animal products – maybe don’t use butter for cooking when what it adds to the flavour is marginal. Or use chicken substitute chunks when you are cooking a sauce and you can’t really taste the chicken anyway. See the WHAT MoVegan page for more suggestions on this.

3) Look for easy times for you to go without meat – work out which meals are easier for you to go vegan on and start with them – maybe switch that bacon sandwich for a granola cereal in the morning, maybe ditch that meaty sandwich at lunch for a vegan sausage one (as spotted a Liverpool train station!), maybe just eat meat at weekends? – see the WHEN MoVegan page for more on this.

4) Set yourself a plan and change one thing a month to a vegan option and aim to increase your MoVegan percentage from 50 to 90% over a year.

5) Be authentic about it, don’t lie to yourself  – no one is forcing you to do this, but it makes sense and it is something you can take immense pride in. So do as much as you can and find a good balance between pushing yourself and giving yourself a break. Just be honest with yourself about it and reach out to others for support.

If you are reading this website in sequence then the next page to read is WHAT MoVegan.

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