Helpful links – my 3 favourite resources

Here are my 3 favourite general resources for MoVegan inspiration and information:

1) The Vegan Activist – a really nice collection of short videos on different aspects of veganism, including some good ones that are appropriate for starter MoVegans – like this one below – also check out the list of links on the right hand side of his youtube home page:


2) Mic the Vegan – I am a scientist so I really appreciate a good scientifically based VLOG. Since Cowspiracy was one of the main triggers that made me consider going mostly vegan, it was important to have a fact check video like this one to concisely summarise the main argument in that film (also he has beautiful captivating eyes don’t you think… just sayin 😉


3) Plant Based News – a great resource for up to date news surrounding focusing moving to a more plant based diet. Here’s a good summary of what happened in 2018 in this arena:

Please check out the WHY MoVegan page of this website for more links and resources separated into category and leave any of your favourite links and constructive comments below. Good luck with your own journey!

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