A support website for MoVegans (also know as MeEgans)

Helping you to slowly cut out eating meat, seafood, dairy and eggs

Keeping things light, informative. non-judgmental and entertaining (hopefully!!). Enjoy getting healthier, being kinder and saving the planet, all at the same time. Join us on Facebook and YouTube

MoVegan-ism is defined as having an over 85% plant based diet. 

Because the science says that will lead to Planetary Health = healthy humans & healthy environment & happier animals. Win win win!

Looking for some help with the first steps? Read the INTRO page


Because your tastes do change as you gradually change your eating habits. So stick with it. You CAN DO IT but if you’re struggling get HELP and join us on Facebook for more person-to-person supportoVeg

Mostly Vegan Forum

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Mostly Vegan INTRO

- about MoVegan-ism and ME - Pete

This website is for:

How Mostly Vegan?

Tips on different ways to reduce animal product consumption – find the one that suits you best. Not everyone is the same…luckily!

What Mostly Vegan?

Some suggestions on what plant based items you can substitute into your diet. Its never been easier!


When Mostly Vegan?

Outlining different ways of planning when you wanna veganish and when you can have a treat.

Why Mostly Vegan?

Discussing different reasons for wanting to approach being vegan. There are plenty of them, what’s yours?


There also more specific articles linked in the WHAT’S NEW section or in the FORUM menu link. These will cover a more detailed discussion of all the topics above and relate them to current news and science trends.

HELPFUL HINT – if you want to read this website like a book then click on each top menu item and read them left to right and you will get a good basic introduction to MoVeganism.

I will also link to the next page at the bottom of each page to make this easier for you – like this.

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